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Punjabi Cuisine is one of the most distinct and popular Indian cuisines and comes from the region of Punjab situated partially in India and Pakistan. It offers a vast variety of delectable and exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are prepared with varied traditional culinary styles, particularly the tandoori style. Aloo Paratha stuffed with mashed and spiced potatoes and Gobi Paratha stuffed with finely grated and spiced cauliflower. Dal usually forms a common dish in a regular Punjabi meal. Prepared with lentils the dal is seasoned with a mix of spices and aromatic ingredients to enhance taste.Punjabi cuisine includes different palatable and yummy items made with Paneer (cottage cheese) like Shahi Paneer, Mattar Paneer, Paneer Kofta, Paneer Paratha and Khoya Paneer to mention a few.  One of the popular Punjabi vegetarian dishes is Sarson da saag.

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